Financial Management

eTask PRO financial management software solution is a powerful easy use accounting and finance module Designed for creating, connecting, storing, and reporting many different types of finance transactions. eTask PRO ERP leverages new and more effective ways to handle market volatility, changing regulations, and increased pressure on margins.

Manage your business from sales and invoicing, your books, your clientele and your workforce to your inventory and operations. With powerful, fully integrated business management modules implemented to meet your business needs anywhere, anytime, seamlessly track in real-time, control and grow your business while our software supplements your work.

Our customizable financial management solution goes beyond traditional accounting information to include actual, budgets, price variations, business intelligence forecasts, and statistical data analysis to support the requirements of your organization’s financial reporting requirements.

eTask PRO offers consolidated, accounting reports, and control reports and also provides liberty to the end user to set up and create any defined required financial report. The ERP system also supports intercompany transaction ledgers, and multi-company operations through a single chart of accounts.

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