The HR & Payroll eTask PRO Solution is a state of the art, user-friendly solution designed to assist companies to gain control and managing their day-to-day Human Resources and Payroll requirements.

HRMS is a robust and reliable application for all your HR and payroll needs, suited for small to large-sized enterprises. Our application modules HR, Payroll and Leave form a seamlessly integrated solution that enables you to streamline the HR management process and get the most from your business.

We understand that no company is the same and with that in mind, we designed the module to allow enough flexibility for our clients to set up and utilize the module as per their unique company policies and procedures.

We know that sometimes these systems can be very costly so we ensured that we not only provided a cost-effective solution but also one that was easily customizable and would allow 3rd party add-ons such as biometric devices and Time & Attendance Systems to easily integrate with our e-Task HR & Payroll Solution.

Our e-Task Solution covers all aspects of Human Capital Management from Recruitment, New Hire Training, Appraisal, and Employee Performance & Disciplinary Process Management.


Employee Self Service

A self-service portal is a website that offers information and resources to help employees find answers and resolve their issues. Employee self-service (ESS), helps companies to work efficiently and save valuable working time. At the same time, it increases data accuracy by enabling workers to take some administrative matters into their own hands.

The need for a digital workplace is increasingly gaining popularity among HR departments in many companies. Nevertheless, many companies still rely on Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, or even paper files to perform HR tasks.

Digital solutions such as ESS help companies save valuable working time in the right areas. It also creates transparency, ensures data is up-to-date and increases employee satisfaction. The goal here is to optimize administrative processes by allowing employees to perform tasks they can accomplish on their own.



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